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I must admit that I am the worse at self-care. And though self-care goes beyond the physical, I’d say that’s a good place to start. So, I visited Essential Body Bar to do a little self-care this month. I used my birthday as the perfect excuse to get away and try their body wrap and v-steam. Which, I will tell you more about…. But first, let me tell you a bit about the place.

When I walked in, I almost instantly felt relaxed. It smelled amazing and the ambiance was totally conducive to relaxation. I did walked around a bit and took a look at some of the products available for purchase. And there’s a bit of everything, from candles to hand creams – all handmade with ingredients that are good for you. The candles for instance, you can use them as a body butter. Yes, the wax is actually body butter! “They are using their medical background with the highest quality of client service to help heal your body naturally, while surrounding you with an elevated spa experience.”

What I thought was really neat about Essential Body Bar is its location. It is like going over to your girlfriends house for a spa day. Instead of your usual commercial store-front, where people constantly walk by and peep in, this location is more private. 

Memberships Available, starting at $69/month. – Use thirtyminusone for 10% off all services.


Infrared Body Wrap

The infrared body wrap is $99 and during the procedure, your skin is wrapped in a natural solution that detoxifies your body. The wrap also aids with blood pressure, insomnia, muscles aches/pains, cellulite, weight loss, boosting energy and reducing stress. 

Seaweed is one of the main ingredients and it helps with toning. It also helps increase your metabolism, as you can burn 600-2000 calories in one session. It may take up to three times to see results, as long as your maintain a healthy lifestyle.


V-Steam takes about 25 minutes and it’s recommended depending on what benefits you’re looking to get out of it. If it’s your cycles that are a concern, it can be done a week before the cycle. If fibroids are a concern, it’s recommended to do it a few times a month. 

While, I’m only sharing two services here, I have to tell you that they have an array of services to choose from. Letrice is very knowledgable and can walk you over any of the services available, as well as benefits. Make sure to give them a call and visit their site to schedule an appointment; don’t forget to take your girlfriends. ???? And use code thirtyminusone, to get 10% off all services.


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