Starla Shines First Natural Oil Facial at Essential Body Bar

I have a love-hate relationship with the sun.

After spending my whole work day indoors I crave leaving work to run outside in the sun. I get my dose of Vitamin D, good feeling hormones, and love the warm feeling that spreads across my body after feeling cold throughout the day.

BUT when I’m out there running for more than 30 minutes at a time normally, the sun has its ways in adding some wrinkles and damage to my skin. As I get closer to 30 years old ( I am 28 yrs old btw) taking care of my skin has been a BIG part of my daily routine.

Even though I have made the switch in most of my products to green beauty/eco-friendly/vegan products etc. It was so nice to find out about Essential Body Bar in Houston’s midtown neighborhood to get some extra help with my face skin care routine! The owner had reached out to me a few days before and asked if I was interested in coming into try out a few services! EBB could not have contacted me at a better time so I said yes!

Essential Body Bar has a different services that use natural treatments such as: two services I got to try out at Essential Body were the cleansing facial and a massage!



My 1-hour massage was done by Victor, which was incredible after a 11 mile long run! He was able to find where the tension was in back ( in between my shoulder blades), and really focus  on getting it to relax. With running, I tend to scrunch up a little and with working 10 hour shifts, I tend to have a lot of knots in this area.

He used only lavender oil to massage the areas of my back and really to his time in the shoulder blade sections. Hot stones were also used to help loosen up the my back areas. They weren’t too hot, but rather warm, and really felt good on my body. I was so tired from my long run before coming in that he almost put me to sleep, haha! I really loved that only natural, and non toxic ingredients were used on my body, instead of ointments that tend to stay on and clog up my skin pores.



This was one I was so excited to get! I had NEVER had any kind of facial so I had no ideas what to expect! The cleansing facial  included exfoliated my skin,  applied my hydration mask treatment with all-natural products like the green tea oils, and rose hip oils. This kind of treatment is to provide balance and reduce acne, razor bumps, and other skin irritations.

Green tea essential oils have Vitamins A, B, and E prevents your skin collagen from breaking down and cause premature aging. Green tea also helps keep your skin wrinkle free. Rose hip oil is also used for anti-aging treatments due to its high antioxidant properties from Vitamin A and C. They work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on skin. It also allows for more healthy skin cells to be produced.

After the treatment I saw that my skin looked brighter, fresher, and felt smoother! The great thing about this facial was that it also took less than an hour to do! This is perfect time for me esp because I am always on the go!

The owner, Letrice Mason, also has a medical background as a Nurse Practitioner, so we chatted about other ways she recommends taking care of your skin in the sun.

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