Spa Day with Patty Tells All

Spa days for moms are a MUST, especially in the summer. Now add a full-time job, going back and forth for sports, and making sure your child is in summer camps and activities. It’s exhausting and momma needs a break. I took FULL advantage of checking out a local spa and it did not disappoint. If I am being completely honest, I have been overwhelmed with stress and my back was tensing up A LOT. I needed a couple of hours of ME time and that is exactly what I got.


Essential Body Bar – Basics

Essential Body Bar is located in Midtown at 1220 Cleveland St, Houston, TX 77019, across from the African American Library. EBB is in a neighborhood so when you get there, just know, you are not lost. You will arrive at a peaceful home that was converted into a spa.  Essential Body Bar was previously located in River Oaks for about a year. After realizing their clientele was from the Midtown/Montrose area, EBB gave the people what they wanted! They relocated to the heart of Midtown. All the products used at EBB are all-natural.


My Experience

When I walked into Essential Body Bar, I absolutely felt the positive energies. The first thing to catch my attention was how amazing the place smelled. I was greeted by Sara who is the esthetician who did my facial. She was so kind. Not even 5 minutes from arrival, Sara got me set up upstairs and started on my cleansing facial. What was unique about this facial is that all the products that Sara used were all-natural. I tend to have sensitive skin so a facial with chemical free products is something that I trusted and I knew wouldn’t cause a breakout. Sara was very informative and let me know what oils or products she was using. This was the start of my relaxation.

Next, I got a massage from Victor. Victor made sure I was very comfortable before starting the massage. I got a mixture of 3 massages to get a little feel of the different massages offered. If I told you how big of a scaredy cat I am, you would probably not believe me, but I am. I had a bad experience with hot rocks years ago so now I am terrified. I let Victor know that and he really changed my mind about them. He made sure they weren’t too hot, but warm enough to do the job. Victor introduced me to wood sculpting massage. Before starting one, he asked if I knew what it was and if I would like to try it out. The fear of unknown always gets me, but he really explained the purpose of the massage, and it did not hurt one bit. In case you are wondering what wood sculpting is, it’s a technique used to reduce and break down cellulite while helping re-form the body. (Of course this is not a quick fix, but it helps us ladies get our curves).

Victor and Sara are great and they really made the entire spa day great. I find it very important for the staff to not only be friendly but also welcoming. I probably talked more than I should have with Victor but he was so outgoing that I couldn’t help but get to know him. As an added bonus, both Victor and Sara are Spanish speakers!  Se habla Español.

Meet the Owner – Letrice



Letrice is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met. From the moment I arrived at the spa, she was welcoming and made sure I was well taken care of.

Letrice is not only the owner of Essential Body Bar but she also works as a nurse practitioner. Letrice didn’t plan on just opening up her spa and winging it, she also has her Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Tyler. To say that Letrice is well versed in what she does is an understatement.

I asked her a couple of questions of how she got started and this is what I learned;

1. What made you open up Essential Body Bar?

I saw there was a need for education on natural ways to heal our own bodies vs always using western medicine

2. How did you get started?

I started with Essential Oils, using them on myself and family/friends and then branched out into natural services that would help as well.

3. Future goals for Essential Body Bar?

I would love if there were a few more locations or maybe teach classes on Natural self care, etc.

4. What makes essential body bar stand out?

We standout because we have Licensed and Board Certified Professional Staff that are able to give natural and medical recommendation.

  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Vibration Therapy
  • Lotus Steam
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Wood Sculpting
  • Laser Liposuction
  • Infrared Body Wrap
  • Cleansing Facial
  • Microdermabrasion Facial
  • Waxing




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“We all need some relaxation and some me time. You are your own caregiver so always make sure to take care of yourself.

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